88. That was the number of gay hate murders that occurred in Sydney during the 80s & 90s. Many of these remain unsolved today.

SBS pride themselves on bringing buried stories to light. In 2016 they chose to base their crime drama ‘Deep Water’ on these murders and it was our task to use Deep Water as an addictive hook to expose new audiences to the quality content that SBS has to offer.

We needed to attract millennial drama lovers aged 25-54 who didn’t typically watch SBS or FTA TV and were too young to associate today’s thriving gay capital Sydney, with such heinous crimes – so the power of the drama was lost unless we could find a contemporary way of connecting the story with the audience.

We needed to be Simple, Social and Powerful.

Insight & Idea

With millions of pictures on Instagram alone, Bondi Beach is one of the most popularly photographed beaches in the World! Our insight was that everyone is familiar with the ‘picture perfect’ Bondi landscape

This scene has been encapsulated many times over by Bondi photographer Aquabumps, a man who’s made a living from beautiful Bondi photography.

Now, imagine that scene being flipped.

Our idea was to draw our audience in by taking an Aquabumps iconic image of Bondi and turn it into a never-been-seen before, much darker representation, signifying the underbelly of events from its past and hinting that a deeper, darker secret side to Bondi is about to be revealed.